Zibin Zheng 郑子彬




Call for Papers:

Research Interests: Blockchain, Software Reliability, Services Computing, Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics

Honors & Awards:

  • [2019] Second Prize of Ministry of Education Natural Science Award
  • [2019] Second Prize of Wu Wen Jun AI Science & Technology Award
  • [2019] IET Fellow
  • [2018] Top50 Influential Papers in Blockchain
  • [2015] ACM China Rising Star Nomination Award
  • [2014] Outstanding Leadership Award, IOV'14
  • [2013] CUHK Young Scholars Dissertation Award (At most 3 Recipients per year at CUHK)
  • [2011] Outstanding Thesis Award, ERG, CUHK (1 recipient per year)
  • [2010] Best Student Paper Award, ICWS2010
  • [2010] ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Award, ICSE2010
  • [2010] IBM Ph.D. Fellowship Award

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